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We offer a wide range of services, from Web Marketing that garners excellent results to Printed Materials that beautifully complement a CD/DVD or Web site.

Business Card CD Design

Savant Services - CD-DVD Duplication - Printing

A Business Card CD is a high-tech alternative to a traditional business card. A significant amount of information and media can be packed into these tiny CDs, making them an effective way to efficiently disseminate company or product information to potential customers.

Many of our clients ask for Business Card CDs to be designed to hand out at trade shows and other events. These are a good choice because of their convenient size. This makes it easy for individuals to take the CD with them for viewing on a home or office computer. A Business Card CD is therefore the perfect advertising vehicle because it creates a lasting impression in the potential customer's mind.

Despite their small size, a Business Card CD can hold several minutes of high-quality video, sound files, and other interactive content. Like a full-sized CD, Business Card CDs don't require an Internet connection, giving your audience the ability to view your information anywhere, any time. If the person viewing your Business Card CD has an Internet connection, you can also direct them to your Web site where they can fill out an information request form and leave their contact information for you.

Contact us today to find out how we can design an Business Card CD for you.

CD + DVD Replication

Our Interactive CD and DVD production services don't stop when we complete the design and development of your disc. We will also assist you through the next step: having your CD or DVD professionally duplicated. We offer special CD and DVD replication pricing and quick turn-around times to our customers.

Savant Production can every size and format of CD and DVD at competitive prices. Additionally, we can design and print casing, insert booklets and other material to go along with your CD and DVD.

Hiring us to handle your CD or DVD production project is a smart choice. Due to the fact that we offer an end-to-end solution, you can be assured that every aspect of the production and duplication process will be handled with the utmost quality and care.

Printed Materials

Branding and producing printed materials are a key part of any marketing plan and serve to support sales, public relations and image building efforts.

We can design a logo, stationary, business cards and signs that will get your business noticed. Along with these, we specialize in designing and producing brochures, direct mail pieces and other publications.

Our interactive media team can create a matching Web site and Interactive CD or DVD for your company to extend your branding image across several mediums.

Through open dialogue and creative meetings, we can create an image that is meaningful and memorable. We will create an image that gets noticed but never overshadows your message.

To learn more about our print design services, please contact us.