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Interactive Development

Whether you need a DVD, interactive CD, a visually appealing web site, or a custom E-learning application, our development team will work with you to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Web Design

Savant Services - Interactive Development

Talented. Cutting edge. Savvy. These are words typically used to describe our Web design team. Because of our unique ability to seamlessly integrate design, copy, animation and multimedia, we achieve amazing results for our clients.

We work with you to develop a site that captures the strengths and unique attributes of your company. Your website is selling YOU, not just your products and services. We make sure you look your best; we give voice to your talents; we boldly provoke interest in what you offer as well as showcasing who you are in the best possible light.

Your website is your virtual self—your avatar. Whatever the personality—technological sophistication, cutting edge understanding, suave elegance, relaxed homespun hospitality, or anything else—we can design and develop a site that conveys the personality you need to project.

Flash Design

Our designers can integrate video, audio, text and animated graphics to create a truly immersive user experience. Our Flash design team is adept at creating captivating Web sites, CDs/DVDs, trade show presentations, digital signs and displays. Our Flash presentations deliver your marketing message to your target audience with maximum impact.

Our graphics designers are adept at creating eye-catching Flash presentations that incorporate sound, video or voice. These presentations can be integrated into a Web site to add appeal, or looped continuously to make great trade show displays and sales presentations. If you have a product that you want to demonstrate, a Flash presentation is a very effective way to showcase it!


Our learning team will work with you to define your learning objectives and goals, and then take advantage of many sources of content aggregated together to form the proper learning experiences.

We focus on organization to allow ease of navigation and learning enhancement, while keeping the learning environment flexible. We incorporate various tools including online references, courseware, knowledge management, collaboration and search. We can even allow students to create additional content and collaborate with their peers.

Our E-learning modules can include video or animation to enhance the training. We can distribute our modules via PDA, interactive CD-Rom or web site.

CD Production

Interactive CDs are named as such for a reason; they offer yet another medium for you to interact with your customers. Cost-effective, engaging, and cutting-edge, interactive CDs are a unique and memorable way to get your message across.

Offering your content on an Interactive CD provides several benefits over other media. Due to the fact that all data is contained on the disc itself, load times are insignificant as opposed to the same information being transmitted over the Internet. This makes Interactive CDs a superior medium for distribution of high quality image and video content. Additionally, Interactive CDs don't require an Internet connection, which gives your audience the ability to view your information anywhere, any time. However, if there is an Internet connection present, Interactive CDs can connect with your Web site, sending data for tracking and reporting purposes.

We have produced Interactive CDs for many clients, both large and small. We can handle all aspects of disc-based projects, from concept generation and script-writing to storyboarding and video-editing.

DVD Production

Interactive DVDs offer more storage space than CDs, allowing for more media-rich interactive applications. More media storage space means more opportunity for you to deliver captivating content to your customers.

Much like a traditional DVD which you would watch on your TV, an Interactive DVD may contain many hours of video. Unlike a traditional DVD, however, an Interactive DVD may contain highly interactive content which can be accessed on a computer.

We have produced Interactive DVDs for many large and small companies. We handle all aspects of Interactive DVD Production, from storyboarding your DVD concept and creating the graphical user interface to adding interactive video or animation. Once the design process is complete, our technical team will add the required functionality, and our quality assurance team will thoroughly test the DVD to ensure its compatibility across different platforms and computer types. The final result will be impressive to you and your clients!

To learn more about how we can create a captivating experience incorporating interactive design technologies, contact us.