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Is The Artistry of Movement

Welcome to a new way of thinking about Interactivity.

At Savant Production we work with you to understand, design, produce and deliver the right solution for your business needs. We are a full service interactive solutions company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with business-to-business and business-to-consumer experience. We understand that no matter who your customer is, your project is a dynamic and lasting impression of your company, possibly the strongest impression you have a chance to make.

Lots of companies push "more"—more sounds, colors, technologies, pages, exclamation marks!!! We offer you exactly what you and YOUR Clients need.

Video Video Production Your visions realized through our artistry and technical skills: Impressive Videos
Motion Graphics Motion Graphics Impressive, Invisible, Colorful, Subtle , 2D, 3D—Animation Moves Your Clients.

Featured Services

Web Design
Art & Science of Information
3D Animation
Create useful realities.
HD Video
The world as it should look.